Quality Mangement System Registered to ISO 9001
High Potential Magnesium Anodes
Magnesium anodes are ideal for use in galvanic cathodic protection systems where the soil resistivity is relatively high. The supplied in pre-packed biodegradable bags complete with a cable tail to suit the customers requirements. The anodes are available in different sizes
and weights.

Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes
MMO anodes are capable of providing an extremely long service life. Adopted from the electro-chlorination industry, these anodes are light, economic and easy to install. Generally referred to as dimensionally stable, they do not change in shape or size throughout their operational life. They are available in tubes, wires or flat ribbon.

High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes
For robust and reliable anode arrays, high silicon cast iron anodes are available. The anodes are chill cast and can come in either stick or tubular forms. These anodes offer versatility, proven track history and no practically no limitations on operating voltage.

DC Power Supply Systems
Cathodic protection systems require DC power supplies that are easy to install and service. Jazira offers its full line of specialized DC power systems which include:
  • Transformer rectifier units (oil or air cooled)
  • Switch mode units (single or mulitchannel)
All units can be configured for constant current or voltage or even potential control. Where required, units can be fitted with remote monitoring systems.
Envirogel (Indicating Silica Gel Material)
Envirogel is the safe non-carcinogenic alternative to blue (cobalt chloride) silica gel and is the best alternative to blue indicating silica gel.

Envirogel displays an orange/yellow colour when active (capable of adsorbing water/moisture) then green as the desiccant becomes saturated. Envirogel may be reactivated for re-use by heating. Please contact us for the specific reactivation procedure.

Transformer Breathers
All our Transformer Breathers are filled with Envirogel, which is a self-indicating silica gel desiccant. This desiccant is orange/yellow in colour when active, but turns green when saturated.

Two-way, low pressure valves are fitted in the base of the breather to ensure that the atmospheric air enters the desiccant when a negative pressure differential occurs within the equipment being protected. There for the breather does not require an oil trap.

Desiccant Bags
The most widely used method of protecting products during transit and storage against the harmful effects of humidity and moisture. Desiccant bags are mainly used in packaging applications but also on equipment where space is limited. Bags are available in a range of different desiccant types and weights up to 500g..

Re-Actran is the latest design of a new generation of transformer breathers developed by Brownell. Re-Actran can provide continuous protection against moisture as the breather is able to self reactivate its own desiccant. This self regeneration capability will eliminate the need for periodic desiccant replacement, and reduce maintenance time.

  • Low intermittent power consumption
  • Continuous desiccant life
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Self reactivating
  • No moving parts