Quality Mangement System Registered to ISO 9001
Corrosion control engineering is a critical aspect to maintaining the service life of investments in assets such as refinery, storage facility or a port. Therefore, it is important that corrosion prevention mechanisms, systems and programs are deployed in time.
To assist owners, operators and engineering consultants manage corrosion risks we offer the following services.
Corrosion Consultancy
We provide corrosion advisory services. This typically encompasses evaluation of existing corrosion mitigation strategies or the development of these strategies. We offer services where we can write up new performance specifications for corrosion protection. We can investigate and advise on issues effecting overall durability of structures such as reinforced concrete and other industrial assets.

Materials Supply
Jazira stocks many of the key components of cathodic protection systems as well as ancillary materials required for corrosion monitoring. We manufacture our own range of power supplies. These characteristics allow us to deliver our products faster to our customers. Being placed in Dubai also means transit times are improved whether we are shipping to the east or the west.

We also supply moisture control materials including Envirogel and Envirogel filled transformer breathers that are a safe non-carcinogenic alternative to blue (cobalt chloride) silica gel.
Engineering, Procurement & Management
New construction often incorporates structures that require cathodic protection. We offer the complete engineering, procurement, supervision of installation, testing and final commissioning of all our cathodic protection systems. Cathodic protection is often on the critical path of projects, and as such we place an emphasis on integrating our program into the program of the overall project so as to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Monitoring & Maintenance
For customers that have existing or newly deployed cathodic protection or corrosion monitoring systems, we can take over the monitoring and maintenance of these systems on an annual basis or through long term contracts where we ensure your systems and continue to provide corrosion protection. We can retrofit your systems with remote monitoring and control modules and routinely check up on your systems without a single visit to your site!